Thank you for choosing Kamp Ikare Beach Resort. We wish you a happy, enjoyable and fun-filled stay with us!!! The Consumer Protection Act requires us to inform you of the terms and conditions of your stay at the Kamp Ikare Beach Resort. We are enclosing a copy of our Indemnity Form (acceptance of risk) for you and the members in your group’s attention. A representative for your group must sign the Indemnity Form on everyone’s behalf, including minors if applicable.


By signing this Form, I accept the conditions of residence and personal liability for all amounts.I am aware of the facilities and activities provided by Kamp Ikare Beach Resort and the risks, and by my signature accept the terms of this indemnity and as such I agree to be bound by the following:

  1. I am fully informed on the terms and conditions on the facilities and activities at Kamp Ikare Beach Resort accessible on the website www.kampikare.com.
  2. I individually and on behalf of the members of my group for whom I am legally responsible understand and accept Kamp Ikare Beach Resort shall not be responsible for any injury to or death of any person.
  3. I understand and accept that I will be responsible for any loss/destruction/damage at Kamp Ikare Beach Resort during our stay. Likewise, the security of our personal belongings shall be borne by me.
  4. I understand that during our stay at the Kamp Ikare Beach Resort there will be no life guard on duty and as such, I shall be fully responsible for the use of the pool by any members of my group.
  5. I understand that pets are not allowed at the Kamp Ikare Beach Resort and in the event that I or members of my group bring pet(s), I will take full responsibility of watching our pet(s) by keeping them on a leash and cleaning up after them.
  6. I agree at all times to obey any warning notices and instructions of the Kamp Ikare Beach Resort or the operator in charge who in his/her sole discretion, may decide to cancel any activity at any stage he/she deems fit.

I, the representative of the group have read and understand this form.