Terms & Conditions

When you make a booking with Kamp Ikare you enter into an agreement. The booking will be accepted and the agreement will apply when you make payment after Kamp Ikare issues an email to you confirming your booking.

These terms apply to all offers, bookings and agreements regarding the Beach Villa and 12 chalets which are rented as a whole package by Kamp Ikare.

In these terms and conditions the term 'Client' means the person who comes to an agreement with Kamp Ikare on rent / use of property. The term "Guests" means the people allowed onto the property by the Client.


You may make a booking by contacting Kamp Ikare and sending an email to bookings@kampikare.com or by completing our on-line booking process on the website at www.kampikare.com.


  1. Kamp Ikare regards bookings only as valid if placed by persons 18 years of age or older. Bookings by persons under that age are not valid.
  2. Kamp Ikare reserves the right without giving any reason to recede from bookings.
  3. If your booking is accepted by Kamp Ikare, you will be sent an email confirmation with information on the amenities and costs for your stay.
  4. Between you and Kamp Ikare an agreement is made by accepting the terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations of the Beach Villa at the time Kamp Ikare sends you the written confirmation / invoice of your booking. This agreement is binding on the client and all guests once payment has been made for the use of the beach villa.
  5. The agreement covers renting the Beach Villa including the 12 bedroom chalets. Food, drinks and boat transfers are NOT INCLUDED.
  6. When booking with Kamp Ikare, the client assumes responsibility for ensuring that all guests comply with the rules and guidelines laid out in the rules and regulations.
  7. Kamp Ikare is not obligated, under any circumstances to accept any request for transfer of booking to another person.
  8. Day booking (11am-5pm). Overnight booking (11am-10am next day). Additional hours after check-out time attracts extra an charge. A payment confirmation and signed indemnity form confirms booking.
  9. Kamp Ikare will provide concierge staff team onsite during your stay.
  10. Safety is always a priority while you enjoy at Kamp Ikare. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the safety of their invited guests while at the beach villa.
  11. Swimmers must put on appropriate swimwear before using the pool. We do not have life guards, be careful around the pool and beach and do not run on wet surfaces.
  12. Please do not step on the chairs in the Villa lounge.
  13. You are allowed to take pictures and videos and tag Kamp Ikare on social media. Do not post or distribute any content that could damage Kamp Ikare’s business or brand.
  14. Kamp Ikare does not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party. We shall not be liable for any accident or injury (including death) which occurred at the jetty of the Beach Villa, on the premises of the Beach Villa, at the beach, waterfront or when using any of the facilities and amenities of the Beach Villa.
  15. When you visit Kamp Ikare, we reserve the right to ask you to leave with no refund if you cause a disturbance, or exceed occupancy.
  16. Every booking is only confirmed after an indemnity form has been signed.


If, after the conclusion of the booking, changes to the booking are proposed to Kamp Ikare, they are not obliged to accept. It is free for Kamp Ikare to determine whether and to what extent those changes are accepted by it. In the case Kamp Ikare accepts your changes, Kamp Ikare has the right to charge eventual additional costs separately.


You have the responsibility to pay the rental fee and caution deposit to Kamp Ikare, as stated in the written confirmation of the booking / invoice.

  1. Payment will be made through transfer to the account provided by Kamp Ikare. Cash payments will not be accepted.
  2. Bookings made 24 hours before booking date ( depending on availability ) must be paid in full after receiving your booking confirmation / invoice.
  3. To secure your booking a deposit of 50% must be made to guarantee the booking.
  4. The remaining amount for the booking must be received no later than 7 days before the day of rental agreement.
  5. In the absence of a payment in accordance with the foregoing Kamp Ikare may use the right to deny access to the accommodation and / or other facilities.


  1. All guests must abide by Kamp Ikare rules. These regulations can be obtained from the terms and conditions in your booking confirmation and also on our website.
  2. Each accommodation may only be inhabited by the maximum number of people for that accommodation as stated on your confirmation booking.
  3. In violation of the terms and conditions included in this agreement of following the Villa rules or failure to observe instructions of the Kamp Ikare staff, Kamp Ikare has the right to remove the Client or any other guests immediately from the resort without a refund of the stay.
  4. Phones and video cameras are allowed, you will need authorisation from management to shoot professional photos and Videos (This comes at a cost, prices are available on our website).
  5. Possession of illicit and narcotic drugs are NOT allowed at Kamp Ikare.
  6. Guns are NOT allowed at Kamp Ikare.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in the bedrooms, bathrooms and any enclosed area at the beach villa. Please do not littler the beach with cigarettes, we have ashtrays and bins provided in open areas for disposal.
  8. Shisha is only permitted for consumption at the Beach Villa lounge (Customers may bring their own Shisha)
  9. Valuables should not be stored at the beach villa and Kamp Ikare does not take responsibility for any damage or loss to you or your guests property. Management bears no responsibility for the loss of any personal items.
  10. Please be respectful of the property and dispose of rubbish correctly, there are dustbins available all over Kamp Ikare. Kindly help us maintain cleanliness in Kamp Ikare.


Pets are NOT allowed in the chalet rooms and certain areas of Kamp Ikare following the discretion of the staff. If the client insists on bringing a pet, such client will take full responsibility of watching their pet by keeping them on a leash and cleaning up after them. We shall not be liable for any accident or injury to your pet which occurs at the jetty of the Beach House, on the premises of the Beach House, or at the beach or waterfront. Kamp Ikare shall also deduct from the caution fee in the event that any damage is caused by the pet to any of Kamp Ikare’s property, amenities or facilities.


  1. Bookings can be cancelled 14 days before booking date without charge.
  2. If a reservation is cancelled in less than 14 days before your booking date 30% of the total costs will be charged from the deposit and the rest will be returned to the client.
  3. No refund applicable if cancelled less than a week.


We hope you enjoy your time at Kamp Ikare but if for some reason you have complaint or are not satisfied with your stay. You will have to report this complaint immediately to the staff on ground at the Beach Villa or the office via email.